Rockdale rod & Gun Club, Inc

The Rockdale Rod & Gun Club was officially founded in the spring of 1978 and has been active ever since.

Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month, 7:30pm, at the American Legion Hall in Northbridge, MA (198 Church Ave). Meetings are normally held from September to May, with a summer hiatus from June to August.


We currently have three main ranges and a fishing & picnic spot. Our facilities are private property for members and their guests.

The main shooting range, (100yd. Rifle & 50yd. Pistol) is located off Riverdale St., just before the Riverdale Mills Corp. / Ideal Wire facility.

The Trap and Archery ranges, as well as the fishing & picnicking area is accessible from the Providence Turnpike entrance (~1480 Providence Turnpike.)

Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 431
Northbridge, MA 01534

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Range Rules

  1. Rifle and Pistol Range Rules NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL before or during shooting on club property.
  2. Use Proper Eye and Ear Protection while on the range.
  3.  Immediately call a cease fire if anyone is observed to be forward of the firing line or if unsafe conditions exist. Be sure to check with all shooters before going downrange to check or set up targets. Keep actions open, no ammo in firearms, and do not handle firearms when anyone is downrange.
  4. All firing will be directed downrange in a safe and proper angle. Keep guns pointed downrange.
  5. All firing will take place from a common firing line.
  6. All targets must be elevated. Never place any targets (or shots) higher than the midpoint of the range back-stop. No ground targets.
  7. Pistols may be used on the rifle range but preferance should be given to rifle shooters. No rifles on the pistol range.
  8. Be aware of ricochets when firing at metal targets. Keep appropriate distances.
  9. Use appropriate targets only. No Glass. Take out what you brought in.
  10. If any rounds are miss-fired or unusable, please do not leave them at the range. Dispose of them properly.
  11. No shooting at any gun club property such as range markers, signs, or tables. These actions can result in expulsion from the club.
  12. No fully automatic firing or mechanical devices allowed at the range.
  13. Any member denied the use of the range or otherwise experiences displeasure at the range is invited to make his or her feelings known to the Board of Directors.
  14. The Board of Directors can announce temporary closing of the range at any time.
  15. Always have your membership card and/or pin with you at the range.
  16. If you see people who do not belong on or near the range, explain that this is a shooting range on private property. Ask them to leave politely. If there is a problem, please call the Northbridge Police Department (508-234-6211 or 911.)
  17. The range is open Monday through Saturday – 8 AM to Sundown. Sundays 12 PM to Sundown.
Please help to keep your range safe and clean!!

Club Officers

President: Shane Fungafat
Vice-President: Kevin MacDonald
Treasurer: Jim LeBel
Secretary: Bert Stewart
Membership Director: Bill Greenberg

Board of Directors:
Skip Blood
Mike Diraimo
Al Pimentel
Dennis Stanovich